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Impressive Ways to Improve Your English Writing Just Sitting in Front of Genius

Impressive Ways to Improve Your English Writing Just Sitting in Front of Genius Impressive Ways to Improve Your English Writing Just Sitting in Front of Genius It’s probably debatable that a person can improve his/her English writing skills by watching a movie. Indeed, it is absolutely true that you can improve your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation by doing just that – watching TV. Not All Movies Of course, there are some movies and some Hollywood-produced films that would rather improve your usage of different cursing than will make you a master in English writing! Genius A movie that has captured the imagination recently is the Michael Grandage-directed film Genius, starring Colin Firth and Jude Law. The film is based on a story about a man called Maxwell Perkins, a book editor, and his relationship with a writer Thomas Wolfe. Both have their eccentricities, and their ideas and feelings were bound to fight with each other. It is the dialogue that makes the movie a ‘must see. Moreover, it can help improve your writing skill. Lets see how. Use of Words Her eyes were blue. So quickly did he fall for her that no one in the room even heard the sound While reading a book it is not always needed to understand everything word-for-word. Of course we   picked up the fact that when one falls for somebody that it is rather emotional, but not a physical fall. Such a method made us relax that is very important when you read just for pleasure. It’s doubtful that a lot of English can be learnt just listening to Wolfe, with his southern accent, read out aloud, but the low and measured tones and pronunciation by Perkins, played by Colin Firth, should have inspired English learners to pick up a book like Look Homeward, Angel to enjoy the nuances of the English language. â€Å"Look at all these books. Do you ever stop to consider the pure man-sweat that went into each and every line?† If we talk about the academic papers, there we can also use such a method to catch the reader’s attention. But still, there are some kinds of papers, where you have to omit such informal expressions. Using the Terms While the movie should not be taken as an English vocabulary lesson, budding English learners would have no doubt been enchanted by the use of particular words that were used during the film. For example the usage of ‘man-sweat’ instead of saying ‘hard work’. â€Å"Think back in the caveman days, our ancestors would huddle around the fire at night and wolves   would be howling in the dark,   just beyond the light. And one person would start talking. And he would tell a story, so we wouldnt be so scared in the dark.† You should understand that all writing is about telling a story. The Real Way They Speak WÐ °tÃ' hÃ'â€"ng movies Ã'â€"Ã'• a great wÐ °Ã'Æ' for you to Ã'â€"mÃ'€rÐ ¾vÐ µ your English, Ð µÃ'•Ã'€Ð µÃ' Ã'â€"Ð °llÃ'Æ' Ã'Æ'Ð ¾ur lÃ'â€"Ã'•tÐ µnÃ'â€"ng Ð °nd Ã'•Ã'€Ð µÃ °kÃ'â€"ng skills. FÃ'â€"lmÃ'• are not uÃ'•uÐ °llÃ'Æ' Ã' rÐ µÃ °tÐ µd fÐ ¾r English language lÐ µÃ °rnÐ µrÃ'• thÐ µÃ'Æ' Ð °rÐ µ mÐ °dÐ µ for nÐ °tÃ'â€"vÐ µ EnglÃ'â€"Ã'•h Ã'•Ã'€Ð µÃ °kÐ µrÃ'•. Therefore, thÐ µ lÐ °nguÐ °gÐ µ Ã'â€"Ã'• exactly hÐ ¾w Ã'Æ'Ð ¾u can hear Ã'â€"t Ã'â€"n the real lÃ'â€"fÐ µ it is Ã'•Ã'€Ð ¾kÐ µn quickly, wÃ'â€"th nÐ °tÃ'â€"vÐ µ Ð °Ã' Ã' Ã µnt Ð °nd Ã'€rÐ ¾nunÃ' Ã'â€"Ð °tÃ'â€"Ð ¾n, full of idioms Ð °nd Ã' Ã ¾lloquÃ'â€"Ð °l expressions. English Writing It is a definitely great idea for all English language Ã'•tudÐ µntÃ'• tÐ ¾ wÐ °tÃ' h films Ã'â€"n EnglÃ'â€"Ã'•h Ã'â€"n thÐ µÃ'â€"r spare time fÐ ¾r additional Ã'€rÐ °Ã' tÃ'â€"Ã' Ã µ thÐ °t they might not gÐ µt in the classroom. You can even use movies instead of an English writing online course to enlarge your knowledge without wasting money.

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Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 15

Letter - Essay Example Every year, some of these roots die. To maintain the richness and fertility of the soil, organic matter is added to the soil. The procedure commonly adopted to maintain the Air Station prairie is burning a portion of the prairie every two to three years. This procedures helps control the renewal of the native plants by protecting the prairie’s plants below the surface to form a good structure. This process allows the dead layer of soil that accumulates at the surface to be removed so that the soil can reach a certain temperature that is good for the germination of the seeds. Also, fire helps maintain an optimal number of plants in the prairie so that it does not become as dense as a forest. It is important to save the Air station Prairie because it contains plentiful of native plants. Native grasses and Forbes dominate this prairie such as cattails, sunflowers, blazing star and yellow coneflower. I strongly suggest that we maintain it because it has tremendous populations of the native species. In addition to that, the prairies are a great educational resources for scientists and for students and it should be well

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Comparing and Contrasting Two works of Art Essay

Comparing and Contrasting Two works of Art - Essay Example These two works of art have a couple of similarities regarding their identity. The two effigies contain inscriptions. The Babylonian piece contains groups of laws. Similarly, the Roman column encompasses figures as well as an engraving that gives a remark so people can make sense of the structure. It talks about the people of Rome dedicating the image to Caesar. Moreover, the engravings were created following a certain order. The decrees were written in respect to the social status of the people. For instance, the rulings specified how a certain sanction will be applied to a noble citizen or to a slave. The column also has divisions in its carvings. The depicted wars were split into the two battles. The upper part portrays the war with the Dacians from 101 AD to 102 AD whereas the lower part showed what transpired from 105 AD-106 AD. Though their observable contents are dissimilar, their underlying theme is the same. The Code sought to honor Hammurabi’s wisdom and views on jus tice. Likewise, the Column commemorated the excellence of Trajan’s warfare skills. On the other hand, the differences regarding the statues’ identity are the material, artists, dating, and themes depicted. The artist responsible for the Code of Hammurabi’s construction is not yet verified since it is among the ancient works. It was found in 1901 by Gustave Jequier. He was an Egyptologist who was in an expedition. Nonetheless, the Column of Trajan was most likely overseen by Apollodorus, the known architect from Damascus. Furthermore, the material used in creating the legal code was a crude stone slab. Other duplicates of the manuscripts were found in other places (Freely, 2000). They were imprinted on tablets made of baked clay. Another copy of the Code is on a diorite stele and it is currently in The Louvre. The index shaped structure features an almost complete version of the laws. Regarding the Roman triumphal column, it is mainly made of marble (Lancaster, 1 999). The hollow beam consists of Carrara marble drums. Spiral stairs occupy the center. The huge edifice stands 30 meters or 98 feet high. The gap between the two works of art regarding their period is quite discernible. The Code came centuries before Trajan’s column. Their respective features speak of differences of craftsmanship that reflect the civilization of their times. The subsequent erection characterizes finer and more advanced craftsmanship. They also have distinctions as to their manifest content. While the Code of Hammurabi concentrates on what is accepted and what is not in their society, Trajan’s Column focuses on the settings that represent crusades against their enemies. A total of 2500 figures were found. Most of them were soldiers, priests, and soldiers. The emperor was illustrated 59 times. The 282 laws encompass conditions on trade, slavery, conducts, religion, and others (King, 2005). One of the most common decrees found in the slab is â€Å"an e ye for an eye† (Prince, 1904, p.602). The sanctions reflect how restrictions, punishments, and authorizations were being facilitated. Concerning the similarities of style, the two pieces are both realistic and geometrical. The king’s proclamations are credibly inscribed on the tablets and steles. Correspondingly, the column displays the realistic activities of the individuals organizing and involving in clashes. Particularly, Trajan’

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Apple Inc Social Strategy Essay Example for Free

Apple Inc Social Strategy Essay In the case â€Å"Apple Inc. in 2010†, we can see that between 1980 and 1996, the company struggled with different management style and strategies. During those 16 years, Apple was a computer-based company that was not trying to differentiate itself from its competitor. That is why, in 1996, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he started to focus on the social aspect of Apple but also on how to innovate and create new products in order to differentiate the company. First of all, when Steve job came back, the company name went from Apple computer to Apple Inc. Jobs goal was to change Apple’s image by creating a culture around the company. In order to create its culture around the brand, he developed an ecosystem of products that could be connected together. Furthermore, Apple not only developed products, they developed software and platform such as ITunes or Icloud that would help customers to use their products easily. Moreover, by creating this ecosystem, Apple was able to attract and retain customers because with their Icloud platform for example, â€Å"Apple users† were able to synchronize, store and share data from all their Apple devices in one place which made life easier for customers. Secondly, its product became the must have if customer wanted to be part of â€Å"the Apple Family† or â€Å"community†. Apple products were not anymore electronic products (iPod, iPad, IPhone) or computer; Apple products were seen as a social status since Apple product prices were higher than the competition. Thirdly, Customers are buying Apple products in order to have high quality products that are sold in huge bright store that gives customers a unique shopping experience. In addition, customers can now bring their product in store to have them fixed but they can also come in store to receive lessons on how to efficiently use their Apple products. By offering that type of services, Apple is able to develop customer’s loyalty that will make them feel like they are part of the â€Å"Apple community†. Finally, the culture force that Steve Jobs created is now Apple’s best social strategy in order to attract customers. Apple should focus on this culture force and try to improve its existing products to make them even more connected by creating new apps that are like â€Å"iMessage† or â€Å"Facetime†. Apple could also develop new products that could be integrated inside the product ecosystem that is already in place to increase its connected product line.

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History of Computers :: Technology Computers Essays

History of Computers When you think about the origins of the electronic digital computer, what scientists’ names come to mind? Many historians give the credit to the American scientists J. Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchy. They built their Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) during World War II. These two scientists founded the first private computer systems company. Although most people recognize Eckert and Mauchy as the persons accountable for the computer industry, historians are beginning to recognize a more unfamiliar history of the computer, its roots in the military establishment. (Meyers) The birth of the abacus was the beginning of computer history. The abacus is a wooden rack that holds two horizontal wires with beads strung on them. Moving the beads on the abacus can solve regular arithmetic problems. Thomas of Colmar developed the desktop calculator. While great advances were made in mathematical physics between 1850 and 1900, mechanical engineering and science began to make important advances in several areas by the time WWI broke out in 1939. The Navy was particularly interested in the development of advanced technology beginning in World War I. â€Å"Important advances in naval warfare, including the use of mechanical directors and computers for fire control, the use of radio for communication across great distances, and the development of the attack submarine posed new technical problems for strategists.† (Flamm) A consulting board was set up in order to screen the proposals of outside inventors. The board also set up a laboratory to work on the problems of antisubmarine warfare, and eventually the Naval Research Laboratory was then established in 1923. The development of RADAR, radio communications, and the interception of encrypted enemy communications traffic were all supported by the Navy’s postwar research efforts. â€Å"Because signals transmitted by radio could be intercepted much more easily than communications over land lines, cryptanalysis became an economic means of acquiring in telligence about the intentions of foreign, especially naval, military forces.† (Flamm) During the 1930s, the Navy supported substantial work on servomechanisms at MIT. The analog computers were developed after Navy officers enrolled as graduate students in MIT’s Servomechanism Laboratory.

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Boys don’t cry versus the teena brandon story Essay

I have chosen to write about the difference between fact and fiction between a documentary and a docudrama. Between how important getting information out to the public and what sells to the viewing public for entertainment. I would like to state that I feel quite fortunate that I watched the documentary, â€Å"The Teena Brandon Story†, first then I watched the movie, â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry†. I had viewed the movie years ago; I had heard that this movie was a true story based on fact from the documentary. In my second viewing from an analytical standpoint, let me just say I was quite floored about how could they call, â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry† a docudrama when there were so many important facts that were excluded from this film. Both film and documentary did receive Academy Awards. â€Å"The Teena Brandon Story,† is a documentary about Brandon Teena (aka Teena Ray Brandon), a transgendered person, who was murdered along with Lisa Lambert and Phillip Devine in 1993 in Falls City, Nebraska. The story is told through interviews with the people who loved and hated Brandon for his difference. Recorded interrogation and trial transcripts, all of which showed that Brandon’s girlfriends thought he was a male. All talked about how he was the best boyfriend and so in tune with their feelings and so giving. Brandon Teena’s police tape, photographs, and file film footage. â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry†, is a film based on actual events. Brandon Teena is the popular new guy in a tiny Nebraska town called Falls City. He hangs out with the guys, drinking, cussing, bumper surfing, and becomes quite the ladies’ man in town. He has been warned by his cousin that â€Å"they† do not play like that down there. Brandon ignores the warning and becomes one of the guys and dating the local hometown beauty. He has forgotten to mention that he is wanted in his hometown of Lincoln for forgery, grand theft auto, stealing and most importantly that Brandon Teena was actually a born a woman named Teena Ray Brandon. When his friends find out they feel betrayed and lash out violently with murder. Trauma is the focus of â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry† and community is the focus of â€Å"The Teena Brandon Story†. The differences stems from narrative and documentary. Narrative creates a story around a character while a documentary creates an argument around a historical incident. Both films use the same material and they were released a year apart, although the character portrayal is negative in both films the narrative was sued for slander. The documentary displayed Lana Tisdel as white trash and in the film she was portrayed as white trash. The family sued the filmmakers and I believe why is because the documentary showed the actual Lisa Tisdel in her interviews and the filmmakers were sued because they captured her likeness maybe because it showed her as a druggie and alcoholic. â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry† and â€Å"The Teena Brandon Story† made sure to refer to Teena Brandon as Brandon and to call her â€Å"him† they did not follow the wishes of his mother and call him â€Å"she†. The suspicion that they were lesbians was not okay in the documentary and the film; it seems that they were more okay with her having a sexual identity crisis. Both pieces expose a core of homophobia among not only the killers but Brandon himself he insist that he is not a â€Å"dyke†. There was an attitude that she is going to get a sex change operation and that was â€Å"okay,† for some reason. One of â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry† biggest copycat moments of the documentary is the opening scene of the movie begins with the start of a long dark and lonesome road and flashing lights with a single line going down the pavement and â€Å"The Teena Brandon Story† begins the same way. Brandon Teena was murdered by John Lotter and Tom Nissen. When they found out that Brandon was actually a girl passing as a boy and dating their good friend Lana Tisdel the men became and enraged and killed her. The documentary tells the events of Brandon Teena leaving Lincoln, Nebraska and going to Falls City, Nebraska since people did not know him there. Too many people in his hometown started finding out that he was a girl and problems were arising more frequently. The documentary gave you a reason and a time frame of why and when Brandon left Lincoln and went to Falls City. The movie did this weird transition and maybe the only reason why I noticed it was because it was all so fresh in my mind and I was looking for differences but, â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry† did the transition of when Brandon went to Humboldt by showing him, I guess in the bar where Candace, also known as Lisa Lambert worked as a bartender. A barroom brawl breaks out and in to help him fight is John Lotter and that is how the friendship of him along with Tom Nissen began. They showed Brandon ending up in Falls City because John Lotter suggested they go to a party which Candace points out is seventy miles away. This is where he meets Lana Tisdel, the love of his life. The movie gave you the impression that Brandon was going to return to Lincoln until everyone in Falls City, Nebraska was accepting of him and did not know his secret. The movie gave off a feeling of a love story in a sense with certain circumstances gone bad, kind of like a Romeo and Juliet spin off rather than about someone passing for a man and getting into trouble all the time back home for passing as a man. In â€Å"The Teena Brandon Story†, all of the real names were used in the documentary and the parents gave permission and also gave testimony as well. In â€Å"Boys Don’t Cry†, the names were all used except for the female victim Lisa Lambert and her son. Their names were changed to Candace and Tanner, which poses the question of rights in the docudrama. This crime was actually a triple homicide not a double as they so blatantly portrayed in the movie. The people that were murdered were Brandon Teena, Lisa Lambert and Phillip Devine. Phillip Devine was a young black guy that was visiting Lisa Lambert at the time. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In my opinion, they did not see the relevance of mentioning the third murdered victim in this horrific incident. I feel that it was a cheap rip off in my eyes.

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Colleges and Universities With Good Business Programs

There are so many business schools that offer undergraduate degrees that it can be hard to narrow down your options. The best place to start is with a list of good undergraduate business programs. The following list of schools is not all-inclusive, but it is a good starting point for research and may help you find the school that is the best match for your education and career goals.   Babson College Babson College  combines leadership training, liberal arts study, and business education to provide an in-depth undergraduate business curriculum.   Boston College Boston College  offers top-ranked business education through the  Carroll School  of Management. Students study general business along with concentrated courses in their area of choice. Carnegie Mellon University The Tepper School of Business  at  Carnegie Mellon University  provides a  well-rounded curriculum for undergraduate students who want to study  analytical approaches to business problem-solving. Students take a combination of liberal arts courses, business foundation courses, and electives in an area of their choosing. Cornell University Cornell University  has seven undergraduate colleges and schools to help students prepare for a business career. Study options range from applied economics and management to hospitality management. Dickinson College Dickinson College  combines a liberal arts education with academic programs in a wide range of business areas, including international business, economics, and policy management. Emory University Goizueta Business School at Emory University  has an excellent BBA program with more than  70 different course choices. It is a great program for business majors  who want to customize their own concentration.   Florida State University The College of Business at Florida State University  offers a really wide range of business majors and minors for undergraduate students. The schools undergraduate program is consistently ranked among the best in the nation.   Georgetown University McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University  is  an excellent choice for undergraduate business majors who want a  global undergraduate business education. The school offers a comprehensive business education as well as  international academic opportunities. Harvard University You cant have a list of the best schools without mentioning Harvard University. The name alone stands for quality. Undergraduate business offerings include programs in economics, business administration, and management. McCombs School of Business McCombs School of Business  at the University of Texas at Austin is consistently ranked among the best business schools for undergraduate students. Offerings include a BBA program and a BBA business honors program.   New York University The  New York University  Stern School of Business combines business education with liberal arts courses. Students can choose from more than 10 different concentrations within business and take electives outside of business to round out their education.   Pepperdine University The  Pepperdine University  Graziadio School of Business and Management offers a traditional bachelor of science programs, such as a BS in Business, a BS in International Business, and a BS in Management, as well as a joint bachelor/MBA program.   University of Michigan The  University of Michigan  Ross Bachelor of Business Administration program is a very good option for business majors who want to study abroad and take groundbreaking courses designed to hone leadership experience.   University of Pennsylvania The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania has one of the best undergraduate business programs in the United States. The school boasts an excellent faculty,  experiential learning experiences, and one of the most innovative curriculums in business education.